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Top 3 Shih Tzu Groomers in Houston, Texas

Akasha’s groomer recommendations… Based on her styles and cuts in her four years of life. I am VERY particular with where she goes. I ask a lot of questions and give them specific direction on how I want her hair cut. Don’t cut the bangs, eyelashes, or the face/beard, just trim. We grow all those out. The space needs to be a safe and patient environment.

The Best Little Dog House in Texas

We have only been here a couple of times, but I really like the vibe and the small dogs only rule.

Photo credit: @BLDHTX (Akasha at daycare getting cuddles)

Akasha has been to The Best Little Dog House in Texas for daycare and a haircut. The people there are the good dog-loving people. They are active on Instagram and that for me sealed the deal. I love that I can see all the action throughout the day. John the groomer is Fabulous! Akasha looked amazing. I like that it’s a small room with not much activity from other pups. It’s a safe space and low stress for our pups. They only allow small dogs, up to 35lbs. Another plus from me. No offense to big dogs, you’re cute too! Just gives me another layer of safety and security for Akasha.

802 W Gray St,
Houston, TX 77019
(713) 533-1117

Photo credit: @BLDHTX

Photo credit: @BLDHTX

The Pet Barber

Akashas first groomer ever was Paul at The Pet Barber. He’s the owner. She always walks out looking like a Tzuperstar. They know how to groom Shih Tzus and are really good at the teddy bear cut. (And I see a ton of Doodles here.) I’ve only ever let Paul and Lauren cut Akashas hair. And Lauren only after I knew she was very familiar with Akasha after watching Paul. This place has multiple groomers in one room with dogs walking around. Akasha stays in the small dog area. Or you can choose to not have them in the play area and in a kennel instead. They get the Love Akasha / Shih Tzu Culture Seal of Approval! They are opening another location very soon with much more space for daycare, boarding and training.

1417 Richmond Ave.
Houston, TX 77006

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