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4 Ways to Test Your Shih Tzus IQ?

Leona the Lion, Photo Credit: @mrmarinnyc

How intelligent is your Shih Tzu? Want to know their IQ? Watch this video and take your Shih Tzu through the four ways to test and keep score.

What does intelligence in dogs even mean? It means that they are highly trainable. Although I have to say Akasha has ME trained very well. If you’re here and have a Shih Tzu, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

She didn’t do too well with Leona’s video tests, so I’m hoping with a little more practice, Akasha will surprise me. Although I’m perfectly happy with my high maintenance sassy tzu!

Our East Coast Shih Tzu Expert is Leona the Lion.

She is a 3 year old Fashionista and YouTube Sensation living it up in Brooklyn, NY. We’ve been friends on Instagram for a while and we hope to meet her and her dads IRL (in real life) one day!

Check out Leona’s video as her daddies walk her through the four ways to test. And if you’re not subscribed to Leona’s YouTube channel, do it! Her videos are absolutely adorable and will be sure to make you SMIZE.

(ahem, for all you Tyra Banks, Top Model fans)

If you want to go a little further, Dognition, Find the Genius in Your Dog, is a good next step. Play MORE science-based games and learn more about how your Shih Tzu’s mind works. It includes games, tools, and reports.

I’m already geeking out at how fun it’ll be to discover Akasha’s hidden talents. I mean come on, a FULL personality report on my Akasha. YAAS PLEASE! We’ll make sure to report back with how she does.

Shih Tzus are loving and cute as hell, but it’s also important to keep them mentally and physically healthy. Playing games can be fun for you AND your Shih Tzu. Get that play time, quality time, bonding time in and give your Tzu a big (((HUG))) from us!

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    What a fantastic post! I’m going to visit the site you posted and have some fun with Leona too! Thank you friend–we can’t wait to meet you too!

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