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Keepin Your Shih Tzu Dry On Rainy Days

Photo credit @eevee.the.ewok

MEET EEVEE, @eevee.the.ewok on Instagram! A cute AF Shih Tzu I met recently on the ‘gram.  Pictured above modeling her umbrella leash. Eevee has the best captions so if you’re looking for cute and hilarious, she’s your tzu! Her Insta bio sets the stage: Professional panty stealer and cheese eater.

When my friend Eevee shared that Bella Balu was looking for a few models for their umbrella, she spread the word. Thanks for sharing Eevee and I hope you are having a blast today leaving lots of prezzies for mom! 😉

BIG THANKS to @bellabaluofficial for sending me and my furiends this cute umbrella to review. We’ve been getting lots of rain so this helps make it all better! Mom digs that it’s very light and easy to open. She smiled so much because I looked so cute she couldn’t stand it! ☺💓 I clipped it to my harness and was camera-ready in 2 secs flat.

I’m not a big fan of going potty in the rain so any help I can get I’ll take! Are you like me? Does rainy weather make you want to stay inside?

Want one?! Use the code UMBRLA10 for 10% off.  Get this amazy umbrella leash on Amazon! ☔

Side Note: And while you’re at it, mom says to treat yo self to a badass pair of rain boots too! She just did, and they are fab. Brighten up all our days! Now, check out some of my friends umbrelly photos!

MEET CHARLIE, @charlietheshihtzubear on Instagram! A Shih Poo and therapy dog in training. He loves to model and strike a pose so hit a brotha up, he’s ready.

MEET LULU, @lulutheshihtzuu on Instagram! She loves belly rubs and squeaky toys. We were meant to be BFF’s. She loves the color pink so pop on over and leave her some pink heart emojis! 💓💓💓

MEET ALICE, @alice_cooper_in_wonderland on Instagram! My Canadian bestie who loves to play in the snow! She invites you to join her in Wonderland. I do every single day!

And MEEEE, Akasha, @loveakasha on Instagram! Just in case you didn’t know. 😉 I’m the hostess of the Houston Shih Tzu Socials, and an official bow model! Hair Bow Tzuper Model at your service.


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