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Find Your Perfect Shih Tzu Groomer

Want to find your perfect Shih Tzu Groomer? Where you take your Shih Tzu to get groomed is of the utmost importance. You are trusting someone else with the love of your life. Do not assume they all know what they are doing.

There are some crazy stories out there so just find a reputable groomer by doing a little research. This list can help you.

  • Do they have a certification and the training to back it up? Groomers are not required to have any official certification. If they have one then that’s a good sign.
  • Does their business have rave reviews? I usually check on Yelp and read EVERY comment made. And see what groomer has the best reviews.
  • How many years experience do they have? Obvi the more the better.
  • Straight up ask is they have ever had any accidents. And check to see if there have ever been any complaints made.
  • Do they hand-dry or do they use a cage dryer? Hand-dry is the way to go. Why take chances on that cage dryer not working like it should.
  • Let the groomer know your shih tzu’s quirks. The more they know, the better prepared they can be. For example, Akasha thinks she can fly. So I tell them that. Do not even for 1 sec leave her on the table by herself.
  • Is your shih tzu groomer familiar with the different haircuts and styles? Puppy Cut, Teddy Bear, and Top Knot?
  • Be specific and let them know what you want once you find the perfect shih tzu groomer. Give them a photo of the haircut you would like. What to cut, what not to cut. I’ve learned this the hard way. Everything from them cutting Akasha’s beard and eyelashes and bangs too short. ARGH it takes sooo long to grow those bangs out. And where did her beautiful long eyelashes go?

If you take your shih tzu to the groomer like I do, please use this guide to find the best, perfect one for you.

I usually take Akasha every 4 weeks. Sometimes it’s just for a bath. Other times it’s a full groom or a maintenance cut. (That’s where they just clean up her face and trim the nails and body). At home we have a daily grooming routine that I will write more about in another post. For now, I just want to help keep your shih tzu safe and happy! Here is who Akasha approves of in Houston, Texas.

If you have a perfect shih tzu groomer in your city, let me know so we can share with Shih Tzu Culture community!


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