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Dog Moms Day Hooray! It’s Official!

This Saturday, May 12, 2018 is the first official Dog Moms Day!

And we can’t be more excited! No more piggy backing off Mother’s Day. We have our own day. Thanks to Dig Dates for pushing that initiative.

Though the years with Akasha, we’ve met the most beautiful Dog Moms and their pups. And we have way more love and friendship in our lives because of that. If I have my camera with me I live to capture these moments. The love between us and our dogs is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

Akasha has taught me not to be so isolated. I’m an introvert and love to chill by myself and hang with my pup. But human connection is like important lol, so she helped me meet friends IRL, she taught me how to let love in. When I look into her eyes, my heart melts.

That’s why I’m so passionate about treating dogs with the compassion and respect they deserve. We need more love in this world, and dogs are our gateway. The more we express our love with the world, the more others will get it, and think twice when it comes to letting a dog fully into their life, on their sofa, and into their family.

Cheers to dogs, friends, love, connection, and that Dog Mom life!

And with that, I want to share a few of my favorite photos with you and celebrate this bond and our brand new day.

Happy Dog Moms Day!

Dog Moms

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