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One Thing You Must Do With Your 42 Million Photos of Your Dog

from Akasha’s Mom, MARLA:

Akasha is a big huge gigantic deal for me. So naturally my friends and family would ask me to text them photos. How’s Akasha?! That is the first thing out of their mouth. Texting got old fast. So, I set up an Instagram account for her. And sent them a final text and just said follow @loveakasha! BOOM! Puppy pics all day long yo!

It’s no surprise that right now I have 86GB of photos and video on my phone with 99.9% of that being of Akasha. I have most of the best ones on Instagram. With my background in the digital world I know that whatever I post on Instagram can one day go bye-bye. I mean, I don’t own Instagram, and the platform itself can get sold. Disappear. Anything really. Then what?

Ok already so what’s the one thing you MUST do?

Get the photos off your phone, and Instagram or Facebook, or wherever you upload them. And easily print your favorite photos!

Download the Chatbooks app to your phone.

This is one of the easiest ways to create a photo book. With their Chatbook Series you can put this baby on automatic and know that your photos are printed and off your phone.

I connected my Instagram account to Chatbooks, and they automatically send me a photo book after every 60 photos I post. Plus, I’ve made like a couple of special hardcover books for friends and family. This is the best service ever!

You can also start your own Chatbooks series using Facebook or your Camera Roll. You’re able to rearrange pics, add captions. Each 6×6 softcover book is $10 bucks.

Seriously get your pics off your phone and have fun creating these books!

Get the hook up!

Follow this link and you’ll get your first book FREE! (I get a few bucks credit if you use my referral link.) But I’m more excited for you to try this too! If you’re obsessed with pics like me it’ll be the best treat yo self you can do.

I haven’t looked back. My first Chatbook was printed in 2014, and right now I have 11 volumes. I love Akasha more than life itself. I’m excited to take photos of her and get out and explore the city with my friends and their pups. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

If you’re here reading this, you are my people! And I just want to say thank you love you!

Got Chatbooks? What do ya think?

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How to Celebrate a Shih Tzu Birthday on Instagram

If you’re on Instagram then you know what a big love fest it is on there amongst our furiends. If you are not on Instagram with your Shih Tzu. Why not? It is the perfect place to post all your 50 million pics of your Shih Tzu  you have on your phone. Plus they are ADOABLE so get it started today.

Then all your friends and family have a place to go to see your cute pics. That’s why Akasha has an Instagram account. I would get texts from people wanting to see Akasha and asking me how she was doing. So I figured hey look… here is her online space where I’ll post ALL of Akasha’s pics. Go for it!

Fast forward and we had no idea what amazing friends and experiences we would have just by starting an account. It inspired our monthly Shih Tzu Socials in Houston. It inspired us to reach out to our Instagram friends when we travel. And next thing you know we are able to connect with other dog-lovers and most are also Shih Tzu obsessed like me!

Because of Instagram we’ve had afternoon playdates at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande-Lakes, a gigantic party at the dog park in California then brunch at Fashion Island, spent the afternoon drinking rosé by the pool at the super swanky Hotel ZaZa, and we meet up across the country at Blog Paws in Myrtle Beach with lots of Instagram friends in real life! YAAAS! (and we even end up being roomies with one of our Instagram pals there.)

The love and friendship that has happened because of this app fills my heart with so much gratitude. That, on top of the love Akasha spreads is what keeps us always grateful.

For Akasha’s 2nd birthday I went ALL out for her birthday party on Instagram. I took photos of her with all kinds of birthday props (yes even a little piñata). Then I posted throughout the day as the party progressed. Through the announcement, cake, the dance party, then posted in a video all our friends that used her hashtag throughout the day. Scroll down her feed, you wont be able to miss it. Lots of pink and a large 6-tile photo of her in her party dress.

shih tzu birthday party

It was quite a day! All while walking Akasha, and playing games with her. So you can go BIG like I did on her 2nd birthday, or you can go smaller, like I’m doing today on her 4th birthday. The fun part is to be engaged with everyone who comments and wishes your Shih Tzu a happy birthday. And sending more love back is fun too!

This takes time, I totally get it. You can schedule the Instagram party on the weekend when you have more time just like you would a birthday party in real life.

Today is Akasha’s 4th birthday!

My love is growing up! Today I posted a photo mashup of her in her Birthday Queen bandana. To the tune of Beastie Boys, The New Style. She just got a new hairstyle so that made sense. You can see it @loveakasha on Instagram.


So these are a couple of ways you can celebrate your Shih Tzus birthday on Instagram. Share the love of your Shih Tzu!