AKASHA¬†here. I’m a sassy Shih Tzu who LOVES organic turkey, squeaky toys, and being chased.

Back in 2015 I started hosting Shih Tzu Socials in Houston, Texas. I figured what better way to play with lots of Shih Tzus, explore our city, AND meet Shih Tzu parents who are as obsessed as I am.

When I travel, I make sure to party in that city too. The socials are a way of life for us, and something that helps create connection and badass furiends.

We’ve met even more furiends on Instagram and now the weekend vibe is LIT! You will get to meet everyone I kick back with and then some. Get the inside scoop on where I shop, take pics, eat, and even some pawsome Instagram insider tips.

(because I love it)

Here you’ll find a dog-friendly living space that is a creative mix of design, technology, photography, and wellness with a sassy Shih Tzu running the show.

Connect with me on Instagram @loveakasha or email me at hello@loveakasha.com. I’m ready to chat it up about Bachelor Nation any time!

We are proud members of BYOD Houston, and the first HAPPIE Amabassador for Lola & Baxter!

Peace + Love + Shih Tzus,

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