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7 Super Shih Tzu Travel Tips

Shih Tzu Travel Tips

If you like to travel and have a shih tzu, then you probably want to bring them along. They love being with us, and let’s face it….we love and miss them so much when we are gone. I travel for work, so any chance I get I take her with me.

Here are a few tips that have been helpful when traveling with my shih tzu, Akasha:

  • Get an awesome travel carrier. We have one with wheels. My shih tzu is 12.5 lbs. (That adds up when walking through an airport.) This one is super easy to roll around. It also converts into a dog backpack carrier, dog car seat, and pet bed. They also have it on Amazon too in case you have Prime.
  • Get your shih tzu comfortable with their travel carrier. Leave it out in your home, and make it comfortable. Put one of your shirts in there so your shih tzu can lay in some familiar scents. Give them treats when they are in there, so that they know it’s a safe space. (Akasha is actually in hers right now. We are preparing for our next trip.)
  • Test and take afternoon flights. I first flew with Akasha on a short hour flight to test her on a plane. I like to take afternoon flights when I travel with her. That way she’s eaten and gone potty and we don’t have to rush around in the morning.
  • Let the airline know and find out what their requirements are. Call the airline and let them know you’ll be traveling with your pup. Southwest is pretty easy. You just let them know and pay the fee. Other airlines have different requirements. And sit by a window or in the middle. Sometimes under the seat in the aisle the carrier may not fit. It’s a smaller space.
  • Pack a well stocked puppy bag. Pee pads, treats, water bowl, wipes, and chew toys are on the must-have list. A cozy blanket. When the carrier is on the floor, it is loud and can get really cold down there, so make sure they have something to lay on.
  • Potty breaks in the bathroom. If the flight is delayed and your shih tzu needs to potty, lay a pee pad in the bathroom stall. I’ve only had to do this once. But the more I take her with me, the easier it gets!
  • Do not feed your shih tzu anything new the day before you travel. The last thing you want to do is test out a new treat that may upset their belly. Keep it on the reg and you’ll be good.

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